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Echternach: European Destination and Experience-BALMORAL INTERNATIONAL GROUP


Echternach, Grevenmacher, luxembourg



Balmoral International Group Luxembourg brings you to another wonderful destination in one of the most prestigious places in Europe.


Welcome to Echternach which lies near the border with Germany. It is considered to be the oldest town in Luxembourg and was founded in 698 by St Willibrord, a monk of Irish origin.


Although badly damaged during the World War II, the town was thoroughly restored and can still be currently seen surrounded by medieval walls with towers.




There are two churches at Echternach. The larger is the Abbey’s basilica of St Willibrord, now surrounded by the eighteenth-century abbey (now a school) in the town’s historical and cultural centre. The other is the parish church of St Peter and Paul.


St Willibrord Roman Basilica is a benedictine monastery founded by Saint Willibrord, to which we own the founding of the city, in the 7th century. Although a big fire caused severe damage to the building, the new construction was finished in 1031. Its main feature is the alteration of pillars and columns, a style copied later on in the Rhineland. Pillaged by French revolutionary troops in 1794, the church became a china factory. Its reconstruction in neo-gothic et neo-roman style was suggested near the end of the 19th century. The building was again destroyed by bombs during World War II before being rebuilt from 1948 to 1953. The basilica draws thousands of people every Whit Sunday when a dancing procession is held and houses the crypt in which Willibrord is buried. The latter goes back to Carolingian times.


Walk along the Sûre River


173 kms long, this river draws the border between Luxemburg and Germany. It raises in the Ardennes (Belgium) before flowing eastwards and crossing the border with Luxembourg. It then goes on o Germany and the Moselle. It makes for very nice walks either towards other parts of the town or towards the neighboring towns in the other direction.


If you happen to take a walk along the Sûre river you will surely go through the municipal park. Another nice little place in the town. Beautiful flower beds and perfect mown lawn. You’ll also see a rococo pavilion built in 1761.


If you are looking for a sanctuary/ haven/ historic place/ adventure, then, Balmoral International Group strongly recommends Echternach. It is not enough that you read it here. You should never miss it for the world.


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